How can we help?

Below are some of the issues Andrew can provide assistance with:

Employment / Labor

Employees face many issues at work, including discrimination, harassment, unpaid wageswrongful termination, and disability accommodation.

Discrimination is different treatment by an employer, supervisor, or co-worker based upon a protected characteristic, including race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, genetic information, and others.  Often whistleblowers, workers who report an employer's illegal or unethical conduct, are protected under the law.

Harassment is offensive conduct by an employer, supervisor, or co-workers based on a protected characteristic.

Unpaid wages are wages owed, but not paid, pursuant to California law.  Unpaid wages can entitle an unpaid worker to additional wages and penalties.  

Wrongful termination is a firing based on a violation of law or public policy.  

We can also assist with discrete tasks, such as reviewing employment agreements and separation agreements.

Labor law pertains to special issues of unions and unionized workers.

Disability accommodation is a complex area to navigate, and often employers misconstrue or misinterpret work restrictions.  Workers with qualifying disabilities places a special duty on employers to engage in an interactive process/accommodations meeting, and make reasonable accommodations to return a worker with a disability to their position. 

Workers' Compensation

Injuries occurring at work, or as a result of workplace activities.  Injuries can be either specific or cumulative - the result of a specific incident, or repetitive incidents over a period of time.  All too often, insurance companies deny claims wrongfully, despite medical evidence of an injury.  We can assist with either your accepted or denied workers' compensation claims.